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tv   Today  NBC  November 13, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. the next chapter. with heavy hearts and without joe paterno, penn state turns out for the first home game since the child sex abuse scandal emerged. all eyes turn to the investigation that's spreading across state lines. face-off. the gop candidates tak the gloves off on saturday, talking foreign policy and throwing punches at president obama. so who came out on top? and hello, baby rambo. he's the little guy who is recreating iconic hollywood images with snapshot poses of stars and scenes, and it made him an internet sensation. more movie pics on sunday, november 13, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everybody.
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welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. the penn state game, took second fiddle. >> the moment of silence, first time the team played without joe paterno in 47 years. >> i think football was almost second on people's minds. talk more about what's happening there and the investigation still unfolding into sex abuse charges. other news we're watching, princess kate joins her husband and the queen for the biggest royal gathering since the wedding. a special service being held. we'll take you to london, tell you a lot more about that. new developments in the misery of baby lisa irwin. a case that takes strange new turns. the little girl disappeared from her family's home back in early october. house has been searched by police. no suspects have been named. lisa turned 1 year old on friday. the latest on that story. the new look for mariah
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carey. the figure showing off her new figure. lost 70 pounds after giving birth to twins. shed the weight and gained a big endorsement along the way. looks great. >> that's what you do. you lose weight and then you tell the world about it. >> but helped by a commercial endorsement, helps you keep it off i would think. >> let's hope. let's begin with the penn state scandal a week after the shocking charges against the former defensive coordinator emerged. campus community gathered in stadium stands without legendary coach joe paterno on the sidelines and the sense this was much more than a game. ron mott live in state college to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, lester, good morning to you a lot of unknowns here ahead at penn state university. what is certain, this football program is changing rapidly as a result. legendary coach joe paterno, all over beaver stadium saturday while not really being there. on signs, bronze, but not on the
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field. 46 years since penn state has gone into war on the gridiron without him as football commander in chief. though the scoreboard revealed a loss, these were among the first few cautious steps forward in a new era, after a week of turmoil set the university back in unprecedented ways. >> there are no moral viktdryes. i was proud they didn't quit ever. they came together as a family. >> reporter: yet for the paterno family, joe the dad, son jay, quarterbacks coach, it marked an uncomfortable space. he felt the void. >> dad, i wish you were here. we love you. >> reporter: the game against nebraska was a welcome return of a beloved institution here. a chance for a storied team to begin crafting a new chapter. for the blue and white faithful in the stands, it was a break from trauma to cheer again.
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guilt free, yet refull respectfully somber. this helps bring down their legend despite not being charged with a crime. unity, they believe is the game plan for recovery. >> i think we all need to come together and find a way to overcome everything. >> reporter: a lot to think and feel on this fall afternoon, slow good-byes to coach paterno, at the house he built at the house he calls home. so long to players suiting up for final battle in front of the friendly. >> it will take a long time to get through it. eventually it will. seniors have to move on, the university will move on. they'll be okay. >> life has its ups and downs, and you move on and work through it, and it's less painful as it goes on. >> reporter: while victory escaped penn state on the field, they hope their biggest win is yet to come, the one they are tackling right now off the field. nearly 108,000 people jammed
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into beaver stadium yesterday. the largest crowd here this season, let out a pretty good cheer when the new university president showed up on a video board saying we can't go back to business as usual. >> the allegations are being leveled against jerry sandusky. today we're learning much more about his past and alleged double life. nbc's national investigative correspondent michael isiaakof s more on that. >> reporter: the day after the big football game, the investigation against sandusky is taking on national proportions. investigators are vigorously pursuing new leads about other possible victims of alleged sex offender jerry sandusky. sandusky has denied all charges and free on $100,000 bail. he has reportedly been spotted
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at the local mall, wearing a penn state sweatshirt. >> i'm furious, the fact that what he has done and now he can walk the streets, sleep in his own bed, you know, spend time with his family. he should be behind bars where pedophiles belong. >> reporter: patty quit this week as a volunteer fund-raiser for the charity sandusky founded, the second mile, where sandusky met all of his alleged victims. >> you sit back and think about it now? it's disgusting. >> reporter: there are four ongoing investigations into the scandal. the pennsylvania state police. penn state university. san antonio police, who are investigating reports that sandusky molested a boy he took to the allaamo bowl in 1999. and the u.s. department of education, trying to determine whether penn state officials broke a federal law by failing to properly report suspected sex
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crimes on campus. >> the fact that this was all allowed to go on for so long is mind boggling to me. >> reporter: and there's also the threat of civil lawsuits that could result in millions of dollars in damages. one local lawyer is even advertising for victims on his website. >> i think there is no doubt about it, they are going to get whacked. it's likely we'll see dozens of victims potentially filing suit. the civil liability exposure for penn state is huge. >> reporter: there is now growing concern over what this could do to the future of university. a credit rating agency says it's reviewing whether to downgrade penn state's bond rating, citing the risk of big lawsuits to victims and the damage to the school's reputation. as the investigations deepen, coach paterno, just fired this week, has hired his own prominent criminal defense lawyer, although paterno is described as a cooperating
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witness, another sign of how serious this is for everyone involved. lester. >> and, mike, you mentioned that penn state is running its own internal investigation. what do we know about how they plan to move ahead and exactly what they are looking for? >> reporter: right. on friday, the board of trustees appointed kenneth fraser, the chief executive of merck pharmaceutical, to head this investigation. he will hire an outside law firm, have them do exhaustive report and make it public so everyone can know exactly what happened here. >> all right. mike, thank you very much. now here is jena. >> lester, thank you. the gloves off again in last night's gop presidential debate. the topic, foreign policy. who came out ahead? was rick perry able to overcome his oops moment. david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning, jenna. >> the second debate this week. the big headlines out of last night seems to be there is no
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big headline. would you agree with that? >> i would. i think they were cautious with each other, not trying to attack one another this was not necessarily the format or i should say the subject to try to distinguish one from the other. what they wanted to do was level attacks against president obama. but that's going to be difficult as well. i don't think the republican nominee for president feels that's the most vulnerable area for president obama foreign policy by a lot of accounts has been very successful, particularly on the war on terror and they want to focus on the economy. >> all eyes on rick perry last night, after his gaffe on wednesday night. he did make reference to it. everyone had a little fun at his expense, and he's been having some fun at his expense. let's take a listen. i'll ask you about it on the other side. >> governor perry, you advocate the elimination of the department of energy. >> right. you remembered it. >> how did perry do overall?
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will he ever be able to erase the damage that's been done in the debates? >> no news is good news, from a debate. as long as there are no big debate moments, i think he would consider that a win. i think for perry this has fed a narrative that he's not quite ready to be on the stage, not quite ready to be in this race. that gets him away from talking about a conservative record as governor of texas, how he distinguishes himself from mitt romney, anti establishment credentials, which he needs among tea party voters. he needs to use his campaign war chest to get back on track. >> former house speaker newt gingrich, neck in neck with herman cain. how does he revitize his campaign? can he separate himself from the rest of the pack? >> we'll see. again, two people in the primary fight. romney on one track, and the anti romney, more conservative
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candidate, whether it be bachmann or perry, cain or gingrich and you see them all jockeying for position. and perry has been able to gain some traction. >> david gregory, thank you very much. >> thanks, jenna. tom is at the news desk following more of the day's top stories. we begin italy where all of the president's men are trying to put the country back together again, following the forced resignation of silvio berlusconi. richard engel live in rome with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, tom. a very embarrassing exit for silvio berlusconi as he presented his resignation at the presidential palace in rome last night, thousands gathered last night, hurling insults, calling him a mafioso and buffoon. he to go out a side exit,
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something he said deeply saddened him. then protesters followed berlusconi to his home and continued to insult him from outside throughout the night. officials are meeting to put together a new italian government. hope to have one seated on monday morning. the man expected to lead it and be the new prime minister is the respected economist, mario monte. the future of berlusconi is far less certain. he could face up to 15 years in prison for pending matters. economic diplomacy takes center stage for the president today. the asia-pacific region will become more important to the u.s. hu jintao and president obama talked about free trade, an issue that caused a large, but peaceful demonstration outside.
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evelyn lauder, who appeared on "today" a few years ago to talk about the pink ribbon campaign died from complications from ovarian cancer. she was 75. in other news, 34 miners confirmed dead, 9 still trapped after a gas leak at a coal mine in southeast southwest china. and floodwaters threaten 90 factories in bangkok run by u.s. and other international corporations. boats and nets used to save four sperm whales stranded in tasmania. they are believed to be the only survivors in the pod of 24 whales found beached on saturday. a famous john lennon peace poster going on sale. it is from lennon and yoko ono's bed is expected to fetch
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$160,000. that's the news. now back to lester, jenna, and janice. that starting way higher than lennon's tooth, which went for $31,000. >> the value of a tooth, not what it used to be with the economy. >> janice huff with a check of the weather. nice day in new york. >> we do. but in the rockies, a mess. a big snowstorm swirling over portions of colorado and the intermountain west. expecting more than a foot of snow and blizzard warnings in effect for the central rockies near vail and near steamboat springs, winter storm warnings, all the way back to the wasatch of utah. a mess. also creating thunderstorms over southern arizona today and a few isolated storms expected out ahead of the cold front across the ohio valley most
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now here is lester. up next on "today," missing on her first birthday. we'll update you on the search for baby lisa irwin, after this. [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries.
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in kansas city, authorities continue to look for answers in the desperate search for lisa irwin, the baby girl who just turned 1 and disappeared from her family's home back in october. jong yang is in kansas city with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jenna. almost six weeks since lisa irwin disappeared from the crib in her house here and in all of that time, police have no solid leeds, no solid suspects and no solid idea what happened to her. on lisa irwin's first birthday, balloons sent skyward outside the house where she vanished from her crib in early october. her parents were staying at another house, marked the day privately. lisa's birthday came as tensions between deborah and jeremy's attorneys and investigators
8:19 am
intensified. their local lawyer called police complaints about a lack of cooperation fantasy. >> they did an interview/interrogated in excess of 30 hours on five different occasions. >> reporter: the last interview was more than a month ago and they would like to question the couple again separately. their attorneys have not allowed it. >> what we're not going to do is let our clients be subject to interrogation techniques. >> reporter: lisa's half-brothers, age 5 and 8, were questioned by an fbi specialist. the videotaped interviews lasted about two hours and generated no new developments. police and fbi say they are still looking into all possible explanations. bill stanton, a private security consultant, hired by an anonymous been he factor, says available evidence points away from the parents. >> it's easy to say oh, it's the mother or the father did it.
8:20 am
really? tell me how? no one is able to articulate that. >> reporter: a kansas city police officer says he doesn't know what we know. they may well have nothing to do with it, but we still would like to talk to each other away from each other. investigators say there is still no tce of her. stanton looks on the bright side. >> until this baby is found, i'm taking it as this child is alive. >> reporter: although police are continuing to press for an interview with deborah and jeremy, they are careful to stress that neither of them is in a suspect in their daughter's disappearance. jenna. >> john yang, thank you very much. we'll take a break, back after these messages.
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still to come on "today "oishg the future queen of england and the big royal turnout in england. plus, baby rambo. the internet sensation. the pictures, the cuteness, coming up. but first these messages. ♪
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. and a live look outside at the white house. a gorgeous clear, crisp morning. a little bit of sunshine out there as well. the time now is 8:26. i'm angie goffment thanks for joining us on this november 13th, 2011. topping our news, maryland state police are investigating a deadly hit and run that happened early this morning. police were called near the
8:27 am
intersection of route 3 and route 450 around 12:30. they found a woman believed to be in her late 20s. witnesses report a light colored vehicle with damaged hood and broken windshield at a nearby business. if you have my information please call maryland state police. in d.c., police are investigating a double shooting involving a metrobus. it happened a couple hours ago near east capitol street in northeast. it's unclear whether the shootings happened on the bus or near it. we'll continue to bring you details when more information becomes available. the suspect in a deadly shooting at a maryland mall is dead. witness information led police to rydell road, district heights. james coleman was shot and killed by prince george's county police during the shoot-out. police found jeanine dunn and
8:28 am
chancy green found dead in the parking lot. chuck bell has a look at your sunday forecast after the break. stay wit
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good sunday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we are getting sunshine in upper northwest washington. it is going to be a mild sunday afternoon for you no matter where you live or what you plan on doing outside, it will be good weather for that. mostly sunny, 66. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, near 70. rain showers likely for tuesday and wednesday. then more typical weather for november by late thursday, friday, saturday, on into next weekend down into the chilly 50s. that's the way the forecast is looking. skwrapbgy, back to you. >> thank you, chuck. tune in at 9:00 a.m. former redskins great darrell green to talk about the website walk fit health and how he will get you into shape. it starts at 9:00.
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we're back on this sunday morning, november 13, 2011. a beautiful fall day here in new york. we've got a jam-packed crowd on the plaza thanks to all of them for spending part of our sunday morning with us. out on the plaza i'm jenna wolfe, alongside lester holt. real quick, i was in dallas this week, shooting a story what it means to be an american airlines flight attendant. worked the flight back, did the beverage service, all of it, and in passing, i said you should come to the plaza. flight 104, the wonderful passengers, wearing the same clothes they did last week. >> nice to have you here. since she was with you, she told everybody to turn off electronics before the show. i don't know what that's about. >> thank you for coming. made a promise i actually kept for a change. coming up in this half hour, talk about more of the penn state sex abuse scandal.
8:31 am
>> talk about the key figures in all of this. a lot of names. jerry sandusky, joe paterno, the department of education, second mile charity. all on some level caught up or paying a price for this. what does this mean? how big can this tragedy become? a detailed look, coming up. and royalty for rent. queen elizabeth will rent out some properties during next summer's olympic games. in a break of nearly 500 years of royal protocol, business will take their pick of the palace's royal rooms. just in case you didn't make reservations, can't find a hotel, call the queen. >> trash the palace. >> why not? the end of the olympics in that place. a report on that plus, we've been telling you about this little guy. a hollywood baby taking the net by storm from "rambo" to "american beauty," iconic hollywood movies. know what that one is?
8:32 am
that one. >> a lot of people guess nemo. >> i think that's little baby jaws. a little jawsy guy. the scariest movie i've ever seen. >> anyway, more about that and other stories on the week in buzz coming up. it is relatively warm out here. warmer than i thought it was. let's get more of a professional standpoint from janice huff. >> it is relatively warm out here. and i'm here with my carolina girls, again. you're back i think you all brought the warm temperatures. is this a hat for me? what would life be without my own christmas hat. >> and grits. >> from my high school. thank you, ladies. you look beautiful. almost match our tree over there. all right. let's check on the weather this morning. see what's happening. we've got some stormy weather across the southwest and the interior rockies. looks like a big snowstorm for
8:33 am
the rockies in colorado, back to the wasatch of utah. thunderstorms into portions of arizona and new mexico for today. going to be a it is a beautiful sunday morning here in in the nation's capital. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures are on their way up courtesy of nice temperatures and a breeze. 52 in st. mary's county, maryland. 50 in winchester, virginia. filtered sunshine on the way for today. more than enough sun to cast shadows. temperatures in the mid-60s today, near 70 for tomorrow. but with m now it's time to talk football night in america. all right. tonight, sunday night football night in america. here on nbc. big game tonight. at metlife stadium in new
8:34 am
jersey. the new england patriots will be visiting the jets. partly cloudy and cool. temperatures in the 50s. not bad for a november night for football. now, back inside to jenna. >> janice, don't change a think. you look gorgeous. a bit of royal news to talk about. william and kate made their first appearance with the royal family as they remember those who lost their lives while serving their country. then there is news that you too could rent out some of the palace's most lavish apartment. we are live in london with more. >> reporter: good morning. even if you are to rent a room in one of the palaces, i don't think you will see many of the royals. we've seen many of them out on the streets today for the service. and a young woman for whom this was another important stage in her life as a princess. it's easy to forget that kate middleton joined the royal family just six months ago. she has taken to the role with such confidence.
8:35 am
today, appearing at the biggest gathering of the royals since the wedding last april. >> as far as i can understand, she's done very well, yes, indeed. >> i think she is fantastic. >> the royal family needs modernizing and she's the one to do it. >> reporter: modern, perhaps. today she must show she can fit in with tradition. looking on as prince william lays a wreath for those killed in war, part of the remembrance day service. >> a very important day for kate. first day she's been on active duty with the queen and other senior members of the royal family since the royal wedding. >> reporter: every aspect of kate's appearance is scrutinized. this week, wearing a dress made by a designer favored by angelina jolie. those looking for a been bump are disappeared. >> they will be very busy in the first half of 2012.
8:36 am
>> reporter: as well as the jub ilie marking 60th year of the queen's reign, they are getting ready for next summer's olymp olympics. first time in 500 years some palace rooms will be rented out. a sign that they are moving with the times. to explain, jena the poppy you can see me wearing here is to pay tribute to military people who fought in wars. money goes to military families and those have been injured. a fashion symbol very important that kate wore today. >> thank you very much. now here is lester. >> jena thanks. emotions running high as students at penn state return to class after saturday's home game against nebraska. and as the sex abuse scandal continues to ripple across the campus and country, we want to find out more about the parties involved here and what may be
8:37 am
next. casey jordan, a criminologist and attorney. thank you very much. >> thank you, lester. >> let's start with joe paterno. testified before the grand jury, not in legal jeopardy. however, he lost his job through all of this. he was told of the alleged sex abuse, passed it on to his bosses. did his responsibility -- at least his legal responsibility, end there? >> joe paterno under the most scrutiny. a lot of people confused about moral obligation and legal obligation. pennsylvania statutes designed for people who have regular contact with children in the course of their work. not the case of a university. paterno got the information from a graduate student and passed it on to his supervisor. under the statute, the school administration would have the responsibility to report that to state officials, child protective services and fill out a report. that didn't happen, but paterno is covered. he did tell his supervisors. >> same apply from mcqueary.
8:38 am
he has been sidelined by the university. but not in any criminal trouble. same thing for him? sends it up for the chain of command and he's exonerated? >> to be honest, some would interpret him as having a legal responsibility if he had regular contact with children. as a college graduate assistant working with college students there, is no expectation he would have regular contact. he reported it to his supervisor. the contact says administration. if they had administrative duties it could be interpreted differently. the d.a. has no interest in going after them. >> two university officials been charged with perjury. what about the university as a whole? they have run their own investigation about what's going on. could they open up the school to -- member of the school to more criminal investigation by conducting a civil one? >> the failure to report is the
8:39 am
key here and the buck stops with school administration. the director of athletics, vice president of finance, also in charge of the university police. he wore two hats. a big conflict of interest there. and the university president. they are clearly school administration, and this is the problem. at each stage of the reporting process, they were all oral reports. as far as we know, no written reports exist, each one gets waterered down. this is not how i heard it. i didn't hear it was sexual assault, i heard it was horsing around, inappropriate behavior. >> if anyone along the way talked to sandusky, said i heard about this. if in any way they suggested a coverup or didn't report it after talking to him, does that become a legal issue? >> yes, lester. and that's the million dollar question. how do we know at any stage of this discussion among school officials they didn't go and talk to sandusky?
8:40 am
they are not admitting they did. at no stage of this, of this internal investigation, they didn't call sandusky in and ask him about it. if they had information and didn't move forward with calling police. no one called university police, which was within their purview. and that could really open a can of worms. schultz and curley, athletic director and vice president, they are being look at failure to report and perjury charges. it looks like the coverup happened at that stage of the game. to be honest, back in 2002, punishable by $200, third degree misdemeanor. but to the public, getting to the truth is the key. >> morally it's important. >> exactly. >> thank you for coming on. >> always great to be here. >> back in a moment. when you retire.hanoughe that's why i'm here. to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line.
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>> that was emma stone on last night's "saturday night live." they had some fun stuff. cold did i pl coldplay, musical guest. you can always tell how popular they are by how long the line is. >> this week in buzz. we are joined by two. we have a lot to talk about. >> ashton kutcher got himself in a twitter mess. he saw joe paterno was fired. didn't know anything of the back story. and wrote some outrageous response on twitter like how could they fire him? he went back and apologized afterward. how do you not follow what was going on? a little surprised. >> he needed to borrow rick perry's boots. he really stepped in it. how did he not know what's going on? he immediately recanted. once he realized he defended someone -- >> dangerous notion about
8:44 am
twitter, getting something out right now. >> thought it was a case of ageism. he can respect his he would ders. >> twitter, it can be a curse. it gives you immediate access, but you may need handlers to protect yourself. >> he gave away twitter account to his handlers. that's the beauty of twitter, we get the celebrities. >> celebrities want them to not be seen i want them to be like a unicorn. >> you don't want to speak behind the curtain. >> he has 8 million followers. academy awards, billy crystal to the rescue. what is the back story about eddie murphy, in, and now he's out. >> brett ratner had to resign, he used the "f" word, he was the producer. brett ratner and eddie murphy, a group package. when ratner was out, murphy was
8:45 am
out as well. >> why don't we make billy crystal host for life? >> they are so happy. they were so happy they didn't ask him this year or last year or the last seven years. >> after last year, it's good to play it safe this year. we've been seeing baby pictures all morning. one mother who decided to recreate different famous movie scenes with her baby, arthur. this one we assume is rambo. but she has a bunch of them so adorable. what is this? >> shawshank redemption. >> oh, the bars. >> jaws. >> this is jaws 2. >> and that's 12 angry men. >> 12 angry stuffed animals. >> i'm glad she didn't do mommy dearest personally. >> what is this one? >> god father. >> hello.
8:46 am
>> the horse's head. >> that's funny. >> may have crossed the line there. >> you think so? >> it's funny. >> it's cute. now to "glee." you hear about the episode where some kids are losing virginity and talking about it that cross lines? >> four characters on the show that lost their -- you never saw them lose their virginity. they talked about it personally, i'm a mom. i do have a problem with it. the show is on at 8:00 at night. they are all misfits and losers. that's the whole premise of the show. >> tell it like it is. >> they are not having sex. they have no life. >> tie had a bit of a problem with it. and i thought i was being prudish. but it's a great way to facilitate conversation. a way for parents and teens to talk about sex and did if it in a responsible way. they made it clear it's not something you should rush into. and you didn't actually see the act on camera. >> when in doubt, just sing.
8:47 am
which is exactly what they did. >> let's wait a while. >> great to have you both. thank you for coming on. we're back, but first these messages. yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at that will change your life... for the first time ever... a toothpaste. crest 3d white. if beauty editors notice, who else will? crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do.
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imagine being able to go back to time no november 22, 1963, to stop lee harveyosvey o. that's the premise of 11/22 hooish1/22/63. i have your book on my lap. weighs a good 15 to 16 pounds, because of the rich material that's in it. >> not only that bought it's aerobic. as you read, you're working out.
8:50 am
>> on the front, have y of the have you what happened. and on the back you have what would have happened. >> the jacket gives me a sad chill. so close, if things had gone a little bit different that will day, he might have survived. >> let me ask you this. stephen king, the science fiction guy or horror story guy. not many know that you are the historical fiction guy. is this something you always wanted to do? >> i wanted to write about a guy that goes back and gets a second chance to save kennedy. i love the '50s and '60s, i love to write about them, think about them. when you write a book you feel like a lot of people are going to read, you want to get ducks in a row. a lot of research involved. i have a good friend named russ diller that helped with the research. i went at it. >> you came up with the idea in
8:51 am
the '70s. you waited a long time. put out a lot of good, rich material between then and now why wait so long? >> i was teaching school full time when i had the idea. i was in the teacher's room between classes and it was 11/22. probably eight years after. still fresh. i am glad i didn't write it. the wounds were still fresh and a lot of people still alive. research and it being too close to the time. i think both of those things, and the other thing, a writer sometimes has to mature a little bit. get a little bit older to kind of come into the ability to do some of these things. on the whole, i'm glad i waited. >> the hero character, is jake, and he befriends the diner owner, al, and he has a time capsule. and he asks jake to go back in time and see if he can keep
8:52 am
kennedy from getting asass natured. getting the facts right must have been enormous over the years. >> there was a pile of research material about as high as i am. a lot of documentaries been done, a lot of film material available. there are a lot of books available, and with the computer, there is a lot of clips available. a lot of different conflicting ideas about what happened. you know, a lot of conspiracy theories, people think that the mafia did it castro involved. >> but you are fairly confident oswald did this? >> oswald acted alone. the line of evidence is pretty clear that he did it, and i think that the reason that the question still exists, a, because ruby shot him before he could talk about it, and, b, people don't like to think one guy could change history. >> it's called 11 11/22/63. thank you, we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] ornaments are not for decorating.
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8:56 am
you won't find a prouder nfl owner or one more passionate about the game. >> he is so special. >> or his team. and so when the labor dispute between players and owners threatened the season, new england patriots' boss robert craft knew both sides would have to change the tone. >> we found a way to break into a smaller group, where there was less noise and get away from the intense rhetoric. >> you wanted to get in the room, just mano a mano. >> we listened to one another and responded. >> a deal was reached. kraft role earned him a heartfelt hug from player rep jeff saturday. >> i was a difficult period in my life, and that was special. >> just days before the deal was reached, kraft's wife of 48 years, myra, lost her battle
8:57 am
with cancer. >> she was amazing. you know, when she proposed to me on our first date, she was 19. i was 20. she made the decision to stay at home and become a professional volunteer. there is no one who did more in this region. >> as her husband built a championship team, myra kraft managed the family's charitable giving. some $100 million since 1963. nowhere was her influence felt more deeply than the boys and girls clubs of boston. she was the board chair. son, josh, its president. lisa rodriguez came of age here and now volunteers as she attends college on a kraft scholarship. >> i want to help out kids, i want to be a teacher.
8:58 am
>> myra kraft wasn't at all a football fan, at least not back when her husband bought the patriots in 1994, but she went on to become one of the most valuable coaches, at least in the skill of giving back. >> one of my favorites. >> this year, the team wears her initials. >> she just gives back, gives back, gives back. if she can do it, all of us can do it. >> and kraft bought the team, she made a promise it would not detract from the charitable work. it only increased it win or lose, it's a trait that kraft has not forgotten. >> we would always do more, she would want that. >> the patriots go against the jets tonight. >> his patriots, our jets. thank you s
8:59 am
good morning. i'm angie goff. we begin with breaking news in the district. a passenger was shot on a metrobus in northeast washington. officers are on the scene investigating at east capitol street and benning road. derrick ward is also at the scene and joins us live with more. >> we're here at the intersection of east capitol and benning. the bus has now been taken away as obviously it is now evidence in this incident. we want to show you video from earlier of the bus. again, what happened at 6:30 this morning, as the bus was in the area of eli place, this is the u6 bus, lincoln heights bus, in the area of ridge road and eli place when someone from off the bus opened fire. they struck a passenger on the bus twice. that passenger was able to get


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